Thank you for your interest in Sterling products.

Sterling manufactures the 8800 OnePass, soil packers, soil conditioners, and plow packers. These products are designed to help today's farming operations conserve soil, soil moisture and reduce tillage passes throughout the season. Sterling products are manufactured with high quality materials and engineered to provide years of service.

Sterling is specialized in the soil conditioning business; therefore, our focus surrounds the concept of achieving the perfect seedbed. The process of creating a perfect seedbed begins as soon as the previous crop is harvested. We believe that every tillage pass through the field impacts the seeding process. Crop yields are affected by many different factors. Some of these factors are uncontrollable, however, some are within a farmer's responsibility to control.

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Seed placement is one of the most important factors that impacts yields. Sterling products firm the seedbed without causing compaction, allowing planting equipment to place the seed at a precise depth while leaving some loose soil on top to cover the seed.

Controlling moisture loss is another important factor. If the soil is left fluffy following tillage operations, it will dry out to the depth of the tillage pass. Sterling products firm the soil directly behind tillage tools to reduce soil moisture loss.

Reducing passes required to make the optimum seedbed has become one of the most important factors impacting farm productivity with rising fuel costs. Sterling has answered with the 8800 OnePass. With a OnePass, multiple tillage passes can be eliminated by doing more with one pass. The OnePass was designed with today's streamlined farming operation in mind.